Reconstructed Taino Village, as it likely looked at time of Columbus invasion. Credit: Michael Zalewski

When I close my eyes, I see a beautiful falling star; When I open my eyes, I see you in front of me; Oh, baby, you made my wish come true; When I dream of you.

These are the words of a contemporary song by singer and traditional dancer, Adrian Eagle Hawk, of Oglala, South Dakota. Click here to hear the song in his native Lakota language.

Christopher Columbus did not “discover” America. In Columbus’ time, there were already millions of indigenous people on the North American continent, a handful of explorers had already visited and even set-up outposts, and Columbus never even set foot on the land. Certainly, his expeditions in the West Indies and along the Central American coast ultimately initiated a greater global sharing, both good and bad, but Christopher Columbus was not the saint, nor the discoverer, that we’ve hailed each and every October 14 since 1937. On this grossly misinformed “holiday”, I encourage everyone to learn more about North America’s original inhabitants and the truth about Columbus’ brutal exploitation of the Caribbean islands.