FadingMaple 2008Oct29Just as I have done nearly every night this Summer, tonight I stood outside to bask in the evening sounds of my favorite season. But, this night is different. All around me, people are celebrating the arrival of Autumn – fiery maples ignite the covers of magazines and photo albums, wood-scented smoke drifts from backyard fire pits, and grinning scarecrows guard nearly every doorway. For most, these symbols herald cooler weather, home-baked pies, and family gatherings. For me, they pronounce the departure of Summer.

I love everything about Summer – cheery black-eyed susans waving from desolate lots; long-legged herons navigating the marsh’s edge; sticky popsicles and dewy slushies; joyful mockingbirds at sunrise, trilling cicadas at midday, and chirping crickets at sunset; and even that vapory apparition above the sweltering asphalt. When Autumn rolls around, I don’t rejoice in those first days of the end of the year; I languish in the last days of the best time of year.

So long, Summer. You will be missed.